Why Trees Should Be Pruned Or Removed

Full trees are nice to look at and can add curb appeal to a house. However, if the trees are not taken care of, they can end up causing more problems than you expect. It is important to keep the trees pruned and you might also want to have some of them removed if there is a large amount in your yard. You always have the option of hiring a professional to perform pruning or tree removal if you don't have the tools and time for the task. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the problems that trees can possibly cause.

1. Clog Up the Rain Gutters on Your Roof

When trees are not pruned, they can cause problems for the rain gutters on your roof. If the trees are close enough to the roof, leaves can easily fall into the gutters in large amounts. You don't want rain gutters that are full of leaves, as it can lead to rainwater not flowing out of them. You would then end up with the rain water getting on your roofing materials. Your roof might suffer untimely damage from the rain gutters not working properly due to the leaves.

2. Cause Damage to Property

Trees that are not well kept can cause a lot of property damage. You can even end up with your trees damaging someone else's property. Basically, as the trees become full, the branches can get heavier. Heavy branches are not good because they are at risk of breaking off of the trees. Heavy tree branches can cause more damage than you might think, such as breaking out windows or knocking siding off of a house. Having  the trees trimmed every now and then can prevent the branches from getting too heavy.

3. Block the Flow of Waste in the Main Sewer Line

When trees are planted near the main sewer line, they can cause plumbing problems in your house. For example, the tree roots can eventually grow to the extent of causing a blockage in the sewer line. Sewage can then end up not being able to make it through the pipe. The sewage will basically have to flow back to the pipes that are in your house, which could overflow out of plumbing fixtures. It is in your best interest to get trees that are near the main sewer line cut down instead of pruned.