3 Important Safety Tips To Remember When Securing Your Truck Load With A Tarp

Putting a tarp over your truck's load is smart, since it can help protect your load from the elements and can also help prevent items from falling out of your truck. However, putting on a truck tarp can actually be a dangerous job. Luckily, following these safety tips can help you stay safe while securing your load with a truck tarp. 1. Wear Reflective Clothing In some cases, you might find yourself securing your tarp on the side of the road or in a busy loading dock, where you have to worry about traffic.

Five Tips To Prevent Clothing Moths

Clothing moths can ruin your wardrobe if they are left unchecked. Often you don't even know you have these pests until you pull out an item to wear and find it full of holes. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your items from these insects without using mothballs or other dangerous and smelly products. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Only put away clean clothing Dirt and oils in the clothing are more likely to attract the feeding larva of the moths.

Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep On A Plane

If you are planning on doing any traveling by plane, you might have decided to book an overnight flight , rather than waste precious vacation time during the day flying. However, you don't want to arrive at your destination completely exhausted because you weren't able to sleep on the plane, since that will result in you sleeping that day and wasting it anyways. Here are some tips for getting decent sleep on a plane so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to start your next adventure.

Got Mold In Your Basement? Then It Needs Waterproofing!

Is mold growth in your basement getting out of control? There's a good chance that bad waterproofing may be the culprit. Tolerating mold and poor waterproofing techniques is a bad idea. Instead, you need to understand the dangers of mold growth, how poor waterproofing can contribute to it, and waterproofing techniques that can help fix the problem for good. What's The Big Deal About Mold Growth? While mold growth may not seem like a major deal, some molds are incredibly dangerous.

Stylish Ideas For Your Living Room Window Treatment

Window treatments are an excellent way to finish off the living room. No matter the décor style, bare windows are rarely the best treatment. Simple curtains are always an option, but different draperies also complement your décor style. Choose stylish window treatments to complete your living room's décor. Bamboo or Wooden Blinds Bamboo and wooden blinds offer very similar profiles because they're both made of natural materials. If your décor features a lot of earth tones, consider bamboo blinds or wooden blinds finished with a natural stain.