Should You Install Composite Or Natural Stone Countertops?

Countertops can be one of the most significant defining factors of any room style. Kitchen and bathroom countertops can basically inform the entire look of the cabinet system or desk, and the room. Also, the countertop material can make any room look very luxurious and even more valuable. This is why natural products like marble and granite are commonly used on countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. But, these luxury products also come with big price tags. Because of this, there are many composite stone materials that look very much like real granite, quartz, marble or other natural stones, and they cost a fraction of the price. Not only are these composite products cheaper, they're also lower maintenance. Of course, many people are still attracted to the natural stones instead of the composite. This post compares the difference between owning a natural stone like quartz, or a composite that is made to look like quartz.

The Cost

First of all, a raw slab of quartz, granite, or marble countertop cut cost at least twice as much per square foot as a comparable composite material. Many people believe that, the more realistic and authentic a composite material looks, the more expensive it is going to be. This is generally true because it also means that more actual stone is used in the construction of the counter top. It is usually the glue, recycled plastics, epoxy molding, and other composite materials that make the cheaper products look cheap. So, if there is more natural stone in the mixture, it is going to look more realistic.

The Maintenance

The most important difference between natural and composite products, regardless of what exact stone you choose, is that composite products are harder and non-porous. They don't need to be as meticulously cared for because the surface is not going to absorb moisture. Natural stones need to be a sealed with special chemicals that fill in the pores and prevent moisture from penetrating them. When these pores get wet, there is a great chance of mold and bacteria formation.

If you do have a natural stone product, the sealant will need to be applied every few years. This is difficult work, but a bottle of sealant might cost over $60. So, over the course of a couple of decades, you could spend thousands of dollars resealing your natural stone countertop. So, composite are cheaper in every way.

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