5 Tips For Choosing The Right Pantry System

A good pantry shelving system can help keep your space so much more organized. You'll have a better time cooking and preparing food if you don't have to sort through shelves of items just to find the flour or oats! Yet, there are a plethora of pantry shelving units and organizational units out there. How do you go about choosing the perfect pantry installation option? Start by following these tips.

Look for pull-out shelves.

Deep pantry shelves seem like a good choice since you can fit more on them. However, it's always hard to reach items in the back, which means they can end up forgotten about. To reduce this waste, look for a pantry shelving system with pull-out shelves. The shelves should sit within the unit just like normal shelves, but they'll roll out when you pull them forward, exposing items in the back. 

Make sure your containers fit, height-wise.

If you already have storage containers for your dry goods, like flour and oats, measure the height of the tallest container. Then, make sure your shelving unit has at least one shelf that is tall enough to accommodate them. It's really frustrating to install a unit you like, only to find that your containers don't fit and that you need to buy new containers.

Include some variation in shelving.

You don't really want all of your shelves to be the same height. If they are all tall enough to accommodate your tallest containers, then the space about your shorter items, like cans and boxes of baking soda, will be wasted. The best units have some shorter shelves and some taller ones, allowing you to organize products of different heights.

Look for an easily cleanable surface.

Shelves made from natural wood or a textured composite might look nice, but they can hold onto food particles and make for a really messy, dirty pantry after a while. Look instead for a pantry system that is made from a smooth material, like vinyl or plastic. Everything should wipe clean with simple soap and water so you don't have to spend hours scrubbing the pantry.

There are so many different pantry storage and organization systems out there. Spend an afternoon browsing different solutions. Consider the tips above, and also how the pantry will work with your daily habits and lifestyle. You eat every day -- so the cabinet that houses your food needs to work with you, not against you.