Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep On A Plane

If you are planning on doing any traveling by plane, you might have decided to book an overnight flight , rather than waste precious vacation time during the day flying. However, you don't want to arrive at your destination completely exhausted because you weren't able to sleep on the plane, since that will result in you sleeping that day and wasting it anyways. Here are some tips for getting decent sleep on a plane so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to start your next adventure.

1. Cancel Out Sound

Invest in some high quality headphones or earplugs in order to block out sound. There is a decent chance that there is going to be a crying baby on your flight at some point and you need to make sure that you are prepared to block out that sound so that you don't get frustrated. The benefit of large headphones is that people can clearly see that you are trying to get rid of noise and will be less likely to bug you. The benefit of smaller ear plugs is that they will allow you full freedom of movement with regards to your head, which could make you more comfortable.

2. Dress Warm

Planes can get cold really easily and in many cases, the blanket that the airline provides is not enough to stave off that cold. Make sure that you dress in a variety of layers that will allow you to adjust your own body heat as necessary. Wearing a short sleeved shirt underneath a sweatshirt is a good way to go. You could also wear a skirt with leggings underneath and if you got too hot, you could take off the leggings.

3. Get a Pillow

Go online before you go to the airport and purchase a travel pillow. Travel pillows are designed to go around your neck and let you sleep in a semi-upright position without experiencing neck pain. Invest in one. This will greatly increase your comfort levels while you are sleeping and increase the chances that you fall into a deeper sleep. As a bonus, there are also neck pillows available that will help you avoid wrinkles.

For more information, talk to a company like Space Sleeper Pillow that specializes in travel pillows. They will be able to look at your neck and height situation and help you determine the best type of pillow for you.