Radon Mitigation Techniques For Your Home

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps from the ground. It is colorless and odorless, as well as dangerous in large quantities. Radon exposure in the home can lead to respiratory issues or cancer, so it's important to have your home tested to see if any mitigation methods need to be installed. The following are the mitigation options available if you find radon in your home. Basement Suction Systems

Top Bathroom Tile Trends

Many designers favor tiles for the bathroom. Tiles are relatively easy to clean. They're also attractive. Relating to the latter, design trends develop over time, including what's trendy for the bathroom. Below are some of the current trends for bathroom design related to tile work. Graphic Mosaic Mosaics have been so popular in the bathroom that they're practically traditional. However, designers are favoring a new trend — the graphic mosaic. Previously, contractors scattered mosaic tiles randomly or used them to create a large image.