Five Tips To Prevent Clothing Moths

Clothing moths can ruin your wardrobe if they are left unchecked. Often you don't even know you have these pests until you pull out an item to wear and find it full of holes. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your items from these insects without using mothballs or other dangerous and smelly products. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Only put away clean clothing

Dirt and oils in the clothing are more likely to attract the feeding larva of the moths. Keep your dirty clothing stored in a separate area of the house and only put clean clothing in the closet. While this won't eliminate the problem completely, it does help reduce it.

Tip #2: Use a sealed hamper

Many clothes hampers have holes so air can circulate, cutting down on odors. If moths are an issue, opt for a sealed hamper with no air circulation holes and just opt to do laundry more often. This keeps the moths from infesting the hamper.

Tip #3: Store off-season clothing

Clothing that is stored for several months is more likely to harbor moths, since it will be sitting undisturbed. Wool is especially troublesome, but there are moths that feed on cotton and synthetics as well. Store your off-season clothing in sealed tubs or in moth-resistant clothing bags. Then, switch out the the items in storage when the season changes.

Tip #4: Keep storage areas clean

Carpet and dust can also harbor moths. Vacuum out your closet, as well as the space below and around your dresser, at least once a month. Dispose of the vacuum bag afterward in case it contains any moths, eggs, or larva. Then, wipe down the walls of the closet or the inside of the drawers with a diluted bleach solution to kill any remaining pests.

Tip #5: Monitor for issues

Monitor for moth activity so you can catch any pests before they eat a hole through your clothing. Clothing moth traps contain a pheromone that attracts any clothing moth in the immediate vicinity of the trap. Hang one in each closet and replace it at the intervals recommended on the trap. Check it each time you open you closet. If you spot a moth on the trap, then it is time to launder every item to kill any eggs, as well as to deep clean your closet. This can help you prevent an infestation before it has time to occur.

For more help, contact a pest control company in your area.