3 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Care Of Your Granite Countertop

If you recently had granite countertops installed in your kitchen, you may be unsure of how to properly take care of them so as not to mar their beautiful finish. If so, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes while using and caring for your granite countertops.

Placing Hot Pans on the Surface

Since your new kitchen counters are made out of stone, you may think you can place a bare hot pan on the surface without damaging it. While heat damage on granite does not happen often, you do run the risk of cracking your countertop, especially if the material is a lot cooler than the pan.

Placing a hot pan on the bare surface could also stain the granite, especially if any liquid spilled over onto the sides and bottom while you were cooking. When the liquid touches the granite, the heat from the pan could bake it into the porous stone, leaving a permanent stain.

Whenever you need to move a pan to the counter, make sure you put a trivet or potholder underneath it. Either barrier will help protect your granite from heat exposure and staining.

Keeping Grease or Oils on Your Countertop

If you are in the habit of leaving bottles of oil or a jar of grease on your countertops, you should stop doing so now that your kitchen counters are made from granite. Over time, the oils and grease will absorb into the stone and leave permanent marks.

However, you can still leave out your bottles and jars as long as you place something between them and the surface of your counters. Or, use a small shelf on your countertop that not only displays them but also adds a decorative touch.

Using Generic Cleaners Not Made for Granite

Another mistake you should avoid making while caring for your granite countertops is using generic cleaners that are not designed for the stone. Using cleaners such as bleach or ammonia could dull or damage the finish.

To clean up everyday spills, simply use a mild dish detergent. Then, use a product recommended by the company that installed your countertops for any deep cleaning you may need to do.

Avoiding the above mistakes while using and taking care of your granite kitchen counters will help keep them beautiful and damage-free. If you have more questions about taking care of your granite countertops, speak with a representative from the company that installed them for further information.