Decorative Birdhouses Spruce Up The Moving Meditation Side Of Garden Care

A backyard garden does more than add to the beauty of a home. A lovely garden provides a Zen-like relaxing environment for the homeowner to enjoy. Working in a garden isn't even work at all. Crafting a garden becomes a calming hobby perfect for escaping stress. Spending time in a garden could also become an exercise in moving meditation. The inclusion of a decorative garden birdhouse may further enhance the entire meditative experience. The visual and auditory benefits of the birdhouse provide direct and indirect calming support. 

Garden Birdhouses and Moving Meditation

Moving meditation involves losing yourself in actions to help calm the mind. Daily gardening tasks might be atypical ways to perform moving meditation, but not everyone has time to take Tai Chi lessons or learn a new hobby. Trimming branches and planting flowers may do just fine. The process can be improved a bit with the inclusion of decorative birdhouses. Have you noticed that yoga studios and meditation centers house beautiful statutes and other items? Their inclusion helps practitioners embrace the proper mood for meditative reflection. Birdhouses can do the same through the following three ways.

Adding the Sounds of the Natural World: Meditation music sells for a good reason. The music supports the activity's calming approach. "Mood sound" recordings of waterfalls, the ocean, blowing wind, and more do the same. Why settle for an artificial recording when attracting chirping birds brings forth the real glory of the natural world? Real-life chirping birds present something a recording can't: the birds create custom, never-duplicated sounds.

Contributing a Special Visual Decoration to the Garden: Visual decorations do come with a subliminal effect. The subconscious picks up on these decorations even when the items are only peripherally noticed. The right birdhouse can deliver on this effect. Don't add a "generic" birdhouse, though. A birdhouse recreating a miniature meditation temple from the 18th century better complements the garden.

Performing a Good Deed: Doing good supports the calming attitude of feeling good. Birds also benefit from a birdhouse. The decorative house supplies shelter in the rain and a consistent amount of safe food. The self-satisfaction of helping innocent creatures can impact the mood positively.

Just don't undermine these benefits by installing a weak birdhouse. Ultra-thin mini-houses with poorly painted designs won't do much for the garden or any attempts at moving meditation. A sturdy, expertly made birdhouse won't likely fail you or the birds. So, go with a high-quality decorative birdhouse. That's the one thing capable of enhancing the garden and the garden's calming effect.