Top Bathroom Tile Trends

Many designers favor tiles for the bathroom. Tiles are relatively easy to clean. They're also attractive. Relating to the latter, design trends develop over time, including what's trendy for the bathroom. Below are some of the current trends for bathroom design related to tile work.

Graphic Mosaic

Mosaics have been so popular in the bathroom that they're practically traditional. However, designers are favoring a new trend — the graphic mosaic. Previously, contractors scattered mosaic tiles randomly or used them to create a large image. According to DIY Network, the current trend is to use them to create a regular but bold graphic design, such as a grid.

Dimensional Tiles

Rectangular subway tiles will always be a classic. However, as with mosaics, designers have put a new spin on the tradition. Instead of white rectangles, they're designing bathrooms with different shapes. You see oversized octagons and hexagons all done in chic white. You even see more exotic shapes, such as the Moorish Arabesque or retro fish scales.

Graphic Patterns

Contemporary décor is still popular. To that end, designers still favor design aspects that feature graphics, a hallmark of contemporary design. So, as an addition to the above two trends, they also turn to tiles with a graphic pattern on them. You see non-traditional graphic patterns that have a modern appeal. Designers even like to mix and match the patterns for a unique appearance.

Matte Finish

You may think of shine when you envision bathroom tiles. They've long been popular for that usage. However, the new trend favors matte tiles. The matte finish is unique. It tends to make the tiles look like natural stone even when they're ceramic. That association with a high-end material gives them a sophisticated appeal. Homeowners like the finish because it doesn't show water spots as easily.

Glass Tile

On the flip side, glass tile is a trend that's enduring. It features a glossy finish unlike the matte tiles above. However, that glossy finish is why they're so prized — they shimmer even when dry. The current trend with glass tiles is to use them from floor to ceiling so you get that shimmer for an entire wall. The previous trend had been to relegate them as an accent tile.

Wood-Look Tiles

Designers also like to use tiles for the bathroom floors. Naturally, the trends are different for that space. When it comes to bathrooms, they often favor wood-look tiles. The high humidity of the bathroom makes hardwood floors impossible. Wood-look tiles give homeowners an appealing wood appearance without the risk of damage to the real material.

Visit a local retail bathroom tile showroom to learn more about current trends.