Common Gutter Mistakes Homeowners Make Without Professional Installation

If you've been thinking about installing gutters on your home, you might be debating doing the installation work yourself. However, that's not always the best solution. In fact, there are details you'll have to consider for a proper gutter installation; otherwise, you risk gutter failure, damage to the gutters, or damage to your home. Here's a look at some of the gutter installation mistakes that can be avoided when you opt instead for professional installation.

Level Gutters

It's a natural instinct, when you install something, to make sure that it's level and even. Unfortunately, if you install your gutters so that they are perfectly level, they aren't going to be able to route water to the drain pipes.

As much as most gutter systems may appear as though they are level, you actually have to install them on a bit of a grade with the drainpipe as the lowest point in each section. This ensures that the water that flows into the gutters runs down to the drain pipe and away from your home's foundation.

Insufficient Support

Gutter systems support quite a bit of weight when they fill with water, snow, or ice. As a result, every gutter system is rated for a specific support structure. To ensure that your gutters don't fail under normal weight, you need to be sure that the support brackets are positioned at the appropriate intervals.

Without the experience of a gutter installation technician, it's easy to inadvertently space these brackets too far apart or to not use enough of them. Working with a professional gutter installation contractor can help ensure that your gutters are strong enough to hold up against whatever the weather brings.

Poorly Positioned Drain Pipes

A key part of ensuring success with your gutters is installing the drain pipes properly. Your gutter system's drain pipes have to be properly positioned to ensure that the water flows away from your home. When the water doesn't flow away as it should, it can actually build up along your foundation, damaging the foundation and your home over time. 

Gutter companies have installation technicians who know how to place those drain pipes properly. That ensures that you can protect your home and its foundation from the water without worry about suffering severe water damage.

Talk with a gutter company near you today for more information about the right type of gutter system for your home. You can also schedule professional installation to ensure that your gutters work the way that they are supposed to.