Should You Get Hurricane Shutters Or Impact Windows?

Do you live in a hurricane-prone area and you're worried about the damage that can be caused to your home due to strong winds? If so, you're likely looking into hurricane shutters or impact windows. Both are excellent ways to protect your home, and these are the differences between them.

Impact Windows

If you have windows that are in bad shape and need replacement, then impact windows can be a great choice since you're already replacing them. You'll have the peace of mind that your new windows are protected all year round without having to do anything because the glass is made to withstand impacts and not allow the strong winds to get into your home.

The one downfall of impact windows is that they are difficult to repair. If you have a window that is damaged by debris, you'll likely need to have the entire window removed and replaced to ensure that you have protection for the next hurricane. 

In addition to storm protection, impact windows can also provide you with improved household energy efficiency, increased security, and noise reduction inside your home. These may be some benefits that you didn't think of, but you will definitely see them due to the nature of how the window is constructed. 

Hurricane Shutters

If you're happy with the current windows on your home, then hurricane shutters can be installed over your existing windows. This makes it an affordable option to protect your home because hurricane shutters are going to be a fraction of the cost of installing new windows in general. This can help you get the protection that you need if you are on a budget.

Know that hurricane shutters are going to be easy to repair if they are damaged due to flying debris. They will keep working even if they have a dent in them, and you can have a professional repair the damaged shutter at their earliest convenience. 

Hurricane windows do require you to take action to operate them and put them over your existing windows when a hurricane is coming. This means putting them on manually in most cases, or hitting a button if automation was part of the installation. While this may not be an issue if you are capable of operating the shutters or live at your home full time, it can be a problem for the elderly and those that have a vacation home and are not around to put up the shutters.