Tips For Replacing A Screen On An Enclosed Patio

Do you have an enclosed patio with screens that are damaged and need to be repaired? It will help to follow some helpful tips about how to replace the screens on your own. 

Measure The Existing Screen

The first thing you need to do is take measurements of the existing screen. You'll need to go to your local home improvement store and find a replacement screen that is bigger than the existing screen in all dimensions in order for it to fit. The width of the screen shouldn't be an exact fit, since you need a few extra inches for wiggle room.

Measure And Cut The New Screen Material

Lay out the new screen on the ground so that you can measure the size of the screen material that you need. You'll want to make sure that the screen material is a couple of inches bigger than what you need on both dimensions. This will ensure that the screen fits within the frame and you don't come up short on material. If you cut the screen material and it's too small, you won't be able to use it.

You can cut the new screen material with scissors or a razor blade. Use the screen's grid lines as a guide for cutting, since you shouldn't need to mark it to create a straight line.

Remove The Old Screen

The trick to removing the old material is to start by taking out the spline, which is that piece of rubber that holds the screen in place. Use a screwdriver to pop the spline out, then grab it with a pair of pliers so that you can pull the spline out from the groove. The screen material should then fall right out. All of the old screen material can be discarded.

Clip The Screen To The Frame

Your enclosed patio likely does not have a frame that can be removed to make installing the screen easy. Thankfully, you can purchase screen clips that will roughly attach the screen to the frame so that you can install it without anyone's help holding the screen out. The clips will go into the groove where the spline will go.

Install The Spline

The next step is to use a spline roller tool to place the spline into the groove, which will hold the screen in place. This tool will push the spline in place so that it tightly holds the screen into the correct position. You can use the grids of the screen to make sure that the screen is straight when pushing in the spline.

When finished, you can trim the excess screen with a razor blade and your new screen installation will be finished. 

Reach out to a screen enclosure repair company for more information.