Need Water Protection? Tips For Installing Your Seamless Gutters

If you've decided to install seamless gutters on your own, now's the time to do your homework. Seamless gutters are among the best ways to protect your home from water damage. But, they do need to be installed correctly. If this is your first time installing gutters, read the list below. You'll find some tips to help you get started with your gutter installation.  

Gather Your Gutter Materials 

If you're going to install your own seamless gutters, one of the first things you should do is gather your materials. Your gutters will come with a complete installation guide. This guide will give you a list of the supplies you'll need for the installation. If possible, arrange your supplies in the order you'll need them. This helps you avoid delays during the installation. But, it also lets you make sure you have everything you'll need. 

Prep Your Gutter Sections

After you've set up your materials, you'll want to start the prep work. You might think you should install all the sections once you're on the ladder. That's not the case though. Connecting your gutter sections while you're on the ladder can increase your risk for accidents and injuries. It can also slow down the installation process. Instead, assemble your sections while you're on the ground. Then, install your gutters one section at a time. This will allow you to make the adjustments you need while you're installing the sections.  

Be Careful With the Joints

If you've never installed gutters before, you'll want to be careful with the joints. You'll need to crimp the joints as you connect the sections. Once the joints get crimped, you'll want to connect the sections in the right direction. For best results, the crimp sections should go with the flow of water. This is especially important for the elbows and downspouts. Connecting your crimps with the flow of water helps to prevent leaks. It also makes cleaning easier. That's because debris can't get stuck on the crimped edges. 

Don't Forget the Sealant

After you've installed your seamless gutters, you'll want to add a layer of protection. This is where sealant comes into the picture. Your gutters will get exposed to moisture and debris. To protect against damage, you need to apply a layer of waterproof sealant to the inside of the gutters. Be sure to dry the gutters before applying the sealant. This will ensure a secure seal. It's also a good idea to apply a fresh coat of sealant about once a year. You can do that during your annual gutter maintenance.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about seamless gutters.